heidi lackner is a painter and more: she also works as a journalist, reporter and editor for the austrian broadcasting corporation and as a university teacher for journalism. "at first glance, my work as an artist and my work as a media-person may not seem to have much in common", she says, "but in reality, it's always about understanding how people are. in the end, all my interviews and films and stories have been portraits. i have been portraying people all my life – in many different ways. it's my way of trying to make sense of the world and reacting to it: i observe, mirror what i see and add an interpretation. in journalism, this interpretation is very direct and unambiguous. in art, there is more room for intuition and gut-feeling, which in a way grants the artist more freedom. in journalism on the other hand you always struggle with the inherent ideals of truth and objectiveness." heidi lackner was born in wels, upper austria, in 1970 and lives in vienna. since 2009, she studies contextual painting at the viennese academy of fine arts.